Astarte's Fire

Moving around and updates

I registered this domain name ages ago, when I only had one child… since then I’ve had two more and, as of this writing, am expecting my 4th in late 2012, so time for fandom stuff has kinda skidded to a halt. I still have these rabid plot bunnies, however, and so I decided to try to move them to a more easily shared place than the hand-HTML-coded website I’d had before and so here is a nice little WordPress-backboned website for anyone who stumbles upon it. My stories are still on (I am one of the co-founders of that site). I will likely repost the stories that are on there here, as well as stuff that hasn’t gone through their beta process (I have my own process/resources including actual editors who are local real life friends of mine, and don’t want to take up their resources when I’m unreliable about giving back to the community at this point due to family demands). My interest is more in what was going on in the background during the stories instead of the main characters. My primary fandom is Harry Potter but (because of my children’s interest becoming my own) it has been expanding into Doctor Who. I am also working on several original fiction pieces (under a different pen name), and other sundry life stuff, so I’m not necessarily going to be posting here regularly… but I’ll try (and the handy dandy WordPress app for Android *hopefully* will make that a bit more possible!).


So… welcome to my hearth… pull up a squashy chair and something interesting to read (even if it’s not something I or J.K. Rowling wrote) and make yourself comfortable. If you’ve got something to share, please do… if it’s interesting enough and you want to hang around enough, I might even give you access to post your own stuff.



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